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Want to Advance Your Career In The Permanent Makeup Industry?


Permanent cosmetics is a growing industry!  In fact, many are making the decision to enroll in our permanent cosmetics training programs so that they can offer these services.

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If you are already in the beauty or cosmetics industry and want to add more services you can offer or you are just starting out, Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute provides the training that you need.  Our permanent makeup school is enrolling now, so contact us to get started.


5 Reasons Why to go to Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Quality Permanent Cosmetics Education

Our students are guaranteed a comprehensive, high-quality permanent cosmetics education provided by Arkansas Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artists. APCI students will receive education from the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professional 2nd Edition Textbook, Principle of Infection Control, Understanding Permanent Cosmetic Color, Client Management and Foundation Fundamentals Student Workbook. Our goal is to provide students an education that will make them feel confident in their ability and technique. All of this, so that our students are able to be excellent Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artists once they graduate.


Other schools in Arkansas do not offer students a book and require their students to take notes over all of the content. Their content is not organized at all, and most of the students in different classes recall learning different things. Some covering more content, some covering less. Quality permanent cosmetics education in Arkansas is few and far between. Some artists have been known to be licensed just after a weekend class in permanent cosmetics. Even though the Arkansas Department of Health requires that artists take 375 hours and a minimum of 6 months training. Our goal at APCI has been, from the beginning, to provide the first and only facility that provides an actual quality education that will, in turn, provide Arkansas with talented, educated artists.


Experienced Staff

The Arkansas Department of Health requires a lead teacher to have been licensed for 5 years and working in Arkansas. Our lead teacher has been licensed for 15 years and has owned and operated her own school in Fort Smith for over 10 years. We have three other licensed, experienced permanent cosmetics artists on staff who are devoted to helping our lead instructor teach you exactly what you need to know in order to get out of school and be working as a permanent cosmetics artist.


The majority of permanent cosmetics artists in Arkansas are owned and operated by one person. Our artists have experience with schools like this and say themselves that it hinders the student’s ability to have one-on-one time with the teacher. Our goal was to maximize student’s opportunity to have one-on-one time with our instructors, giving them as much possible time to understand the content fully.  Our licensed artists work with our lead teacher to assist in the instruction of our students.


Distance Learning

Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute is Arkansas’ first and only school that offers distance learning. By using our state-of-the-art Dolby Digital Teleconferencing System, our students can access class from the comfort of their home at any time. All of this is so we can enroll students who have busy work and family lives. This helps our staff as well, because we are able to conference in instructors from any location. If a staff member is not able to come in for any reason, they are able to conference in online and teach the class via webcam. Our system will allow students who are working during their class time to access recordings of their class in order to be able to get the content.


In Arkansas, it is customary at a permanent cosmetics school for the students to clock close to 40 hours a week in class. This hinders students’ ability to work and provide for their family greatly. When we started APCI we knew we wanted our students to be able to come regardless of having a busy schedule. We want to make it work for our students who are dreaming of becoming a licensed permanent cosmetics artist. Arkansas currently only has few schools and a lot of students have trouble even attending school because the school is too far from them. Our distance learning program will allow our students to take the first 15 weeks of training.


Financial Aid

At Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute we understand how important offering financial aid can be for our students. We are now offering financial aid to our students with the hopes of helping them get through school and then paying their payments overtime to alleviate the stress of coming up with the full amount right then.


Most permanent cosmetics schools in Arkansas do not offer financial aid. The majority of schools require the money to be paid up front with no financial aid options for their students. We have ensured that we have multiple options for our students so we can alleviate some of the financial burden that gaining education so often causes.


Job Opportunities

Our goal is to educate our students fully and give them the confidence to go out on their own and start building clients. We want to see you succeed. That’s why, at APCI, we will work with you to make job opportunities and will allow you to do procedures out of our lab to get your business going.


Our licensed artists can tell you from experience that other schools are not going to make an effort to help you find a job. One of our artists specifically would tell you that her school told her they would help and did not. We want you to succeed so we are going to do everything we possibly can to get you out and working as soon as you have graduated and received your license.