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In recent years, the beauty trend known as Microblading has taken social media by storm. Eager clients turn to Permanent Makeup Artists to provide them with the so sought-after “microbladed look” and are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands over time to achieve and maintain this look. This increased interest in Microblading has put a new light on the Permanent Makeup community as a whole and the extent of what we can offer as Permanent Makeup Artists. Our clients find that Permanent Makeup procedures provide them with a convenience they cannot get with traditional cosmetics; the results are permanent and do not have to be reapplied on a daily basis. This gives our clients their time back that they may have spent applying their brow makeup, eyeliner and lipstick every morning, and depending on their skillset, this task may be a difficult one for them each day. Many of those who are interested in receiving a Microblading service come to find that they are interested in many more procedures after they discover the scope of what a Permanent Makeup Artist can provide. As a client whose interest has already peaked by the idea of Microblading, frequently, it is not that far-fetched to believe that they would be interested in other services as well. This gives the artist an excellent opportunity for profit, especially with returning clients.

Like so many aspiring Permanent Makeup Artists, this wave of interest in Microblading and other Permanent Makeup techniques has piqued your interest, prompting you to ask questions like: “Could I make a career out of Permanent Makeup?” “What would I need to do to try my hand at Permanent Makeup?” and “How can I get started?” The Permanent Makeup Industry is a growing field with many opportunities for new artists and those who already maintain a license in another beauty industry area. To give a detailed account of what is needed to become a Permanent Makeup Artist (or PMU Artist), it is first essential to define Permanent Makeup and detail what a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist is licensed to provide. (Please note that services provided can vary by state. Always refer to your governing agency over Permanent Makeup to ensure you are providing services within your license as mandated by your state.) Permanent Cosmetics or Permanent Makeup is defined as a technique in which pigment is implanted into the skin’s dermis layer using a permanent cosmetics tattoo machine or manual tool for cosmetic enhancement. In other words, we use a tattoo machine or microblading tool to place pigment into the skin in the desired design, in many cases being hair strokes or shading in the desired area. Permanent Makeup Artists provide a multitude of services, ranging from your necessary procedures such as Powder Brows (or Shaded Brows), Eyeliner, Full-Lip Color, and Lip Liner to more advanced services called Paramedical Procedures. These Paramedical Procedures are defined as procedures that support medical work but do not require a fully qualified physician to perform them. These procedures include things like Areola Reconstruction, Hairline Restoration, Scar Tissue Camouflage, Cleft Lip Repair. and Camouflage as well as Vitiligo Skin Re-pigmentation. These procedures require additional training outside of the basic Permanent Makeup training, but can often increase your profitability greatly as well as your appeal to different employers. In many states, a licensed Permanent Makeup artist is licensed to perform any and all of these procedures once they have completed the steps required by their state for graduation, but it is important that you receive the correct and necessary training before trying any of these techniques on a client.

Who can benefit from receiving a Permanent Makeup License, and what might one require of themselves in order to understand if one might be suited to performing Permanent Makeup Procedures without having taken any training? Statistics show that many of those who have received a Permanent Cosmetics License have experience and even licenses in other areas such as Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Tattooing, but this is not required in order to receive a license in Permanent Cosmetics in most states. In fact, a great portion of Permanent Makeup artists currently licensed had little to no experience in the beauty industry before getting started on their training. These types of individuals have an interest in providing Permanent Cosmetics, but how can they know whether they will be well suited to the task? It is important to ask yourself a few questions and answer honestly to gauge whether you would make a good Permanent Makeup Artist. The first and arguably most important question to ask yourself is, do I have a clear vision? Permanent Makeup procedures cannot be performed without a clear vision, and ensuring that you can see should be your number one concern. Many artists will wear contacts when performing procedures to avoid the need to push up one’s glasses, but those who wear glasses also have excellent Permanent Makeup outcomes as well. The second question to ask is, do I have a steady hand? Permanent Makeup artists must have a steady hand, although this does not mean you have to be able to draw a straight line with no deviations for miles. Just that you can hold your hand still when working and are able to work with precision. The last question one might ask themselves is, do I have an eye for cosmetics? Knowing the basics of how and where traditional cosmetics are applied can significantly assist your Permanent Makeup journey but is not a requirement. Oftentimes you will learn these things along the way as well, but having that background knowledge can give you an edge other Permanent Makeup students may not have.

Now that you have been versed in what Permanent Makeup is and what Permanent Makeup Artists can provide under their license, your next question must be: “How can I receive the training necessary to become a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist?” This question is not quickly answered and often requires research on your part in order to be responded to the full extent. The short answer is that requirements are different from state to state. Some states are requiring a more in-depth training period from 6 months to 2 years, and others requiring as little as bloodborne pathogens training to get started. No matter your state requirements, any licensed Permanent Makeup artist would tell you that proper training is necessary in order to provide services to your clients. Without training, you will be uninformed on the specifics of Permanent Makeup and the skin and will, unfortunately, be left with unsightly results for your clients. Attending a Permanent Makeup school will provide you all of the information and skills necessary in order to provide your clients with perfect Permanent Makeup procedures on their first appointment and overtime. Permanent Makeup school can also provide you with the means to network in the beauty industry and help you to better understand what job opportunities you might have in the world of Permanent Cosmetics. It is recommended that you begin your journey in the Permanent Makeup Industry by first researching your area’s requirements. Many states’ Permanent Makeup division is overseen by the Department of Education or the Department of Health. Either of these governing agencies can point you in the right direction of what your requirements will be for getting licensed. Frequently providing you with a list of accepted schools, what the process is for enrollment, and what steps you will take throughout training up to receiving your license.

Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute and PMUniversity

If you seek a comprehensive Permanent Makeup (PMU) education, including hands-on training, the #1 choice is Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute (APCI). With instruction that can be partially completed online via our nationally recognized distance learning program, students can complete 2/3rds of their compulsory education off-campus. APCI students gain access to hands-on instruction at our on-campus training, practices, observation, and live model participation.

Unable to attend our comprehensive training in person? PMUniversity is the out-of-state virtual training program offered by our parent company APCI. In a nutshell, students need a thorough understanding of the fundamentals necessary to be successful as a Permanent Makeup Artist, can attend the virtual school covering Permanent Cosmetics’ Art. The student will also have a voucher issued to participate in a weekend hands-on lab learning Permanent Makeup’s craft.

Note: PMUniversity issues students a certificate of completion but is not a viable licensing solution for those wishing to practice within the State of Arkansas. While many states accept certificates of completion as proof of education, students must check with their conditions for licensing or permitting questions.

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