The Art of Permanent Cosmetics Training Curriculum

Permanent Cosmetics Training Center at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Many currently licensed permanent cosmetics artists have experienced the difficulties that come with getting a proper education and obtaining their license. Unfortunately, it is well known in the permanent cosmetics community that quality education can be few and far between. This has, regrettably, opened the door wide open for those who want to abuse the system for personal gain, taking advantage of those students desperately looking for quality permanent cosmetics education to set them apart in the beauty community. I, personally, know a multitude of individuals who have experienced this firsthand, along with myself and many of my colleagues. Although unfortunate, this gives us the great opportunity to make a change, and provide what is lacking; true, honest, and quality permanent cosmetics education. For those who have experienced these hardships of fighting for a license, this quality education is a breath of fresh air. That was my goal in writing The Art of Permanent Cosmetics: Fundamental Theory and Practical Education.

To give you a better idea of what this type of manipulation looks like, I would like to discuss my permanent cosmetics journey. I was once an inspired, committed, and diligent permanent cosmetics student aspiring for a new, creative career. I worked at a daycare full-time, watching children of all ages, spending my entire week on my feet chasing kids, and somehow finding time to take college courses as well. I was feeling overworked, and exhausted daily, seeing no end to the daily struggle. I came across the possibility of attending a permanent cosmetics school on social media in an advertisement for a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Without thinking, or doing any additional research I scheduled a day to meet with the instructor and talk about enrolling. Once I was enrolled, I was thrilled to be on my way towards a seemingly rewarding career. Unfortunately, I was halfway through my education before I realized I had been scammed. My instructor gave little to no instruction or assistance, was unavailable at most times, and refused to answer any of my questions. When it came time for me to start working on clients I was, understandably, unprepared and very afraid. I worked on several clients, begging for help from my instructor with no assistance provided. My instructor began to ask more and more for money without providing any education and it was not long before the students had discussed this among ourselves to conclude that she was playing us. Feeling defeated, I began the search for how I could still obtain my license, but also ensure I could receive a quality, correct permanent cosmetics education. I requested to transfer to a different permanent cosmetics school in Arkansas, hoping for things to improve at this institution, with little payoff. After a lengthy process of arguing back and forth with my previous school, and the health department, I was granted my transfer and began taking classes at a different school, only to find that this institution’s technique was extremely outdated and produced unappealing results for clients. I pushed through school to receive my license, only to be completely clueless on how to get started in my business when I had barely been taught. I began the process of taking online classes, learning from other artist’s techniques on youtube, and taking additional live, in-person classes in order to fully understand the art of permanent cosmetics. I felt very cheated, and like I had wasted my time, but eventually, over time I was given many opportunities to learn and perfect my technique. Unfortunately for many successful permanent cosmetics artists, it becomes a matter of teaching yourself and learning which techniques work on your clients. This is unfair to the permanent cosmetics student, and not something I would wish upon anyone, but I do not regret the journey I have taken. What I had to endure taught me a great deal about people, myself, and permanent cosmetics as well and ultimately pushed me even deeper into my love for permanent cosmetics. My journey, while sadly not a unique one, brought me all the way to where I am today, happily providing genuine, quality permanent cosmetics education to the people that I used to be: inspired, committed, and diligent permanent cosmetics students.

After having experienced being scammed, it was not long before I found the team at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute. Sharing a frame of mind, having attended the same permanent cosmetics school and experienced the same scamming affecting the permanent cosmetics community, the owner of APCI and I found a common interest in creating a better and safer option for permanent cosmetics students. Our goal quickly began to renovate and rejuvenate the permanent cosmetics community in Arkansas, in hopes of making waves that could affect permanent cosmetics artists and students in different states across the nation. I drafted my book, The Art of Permanent Cosmetics as an official manual for our cause in order to create a streamlined and thorough, yet easily understood educational experience for future permanent cosmetics students. My book provides the reader a straightforward take on working with clients, professionalism, sterile technique for procedures, as well as the art that is permanent cosmetics itself. This education can then be applied practically during an apprenticeship performing procedures, and when on your own upon starting your permanent cosmetics business.

The Art of Permanent Cosmetics training manual is a labor of love and devotion created in hopes of ensuring that other permanent cosmetics students do not receive the same treatment I and many others have. In partnership with Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute, I have been overjoyed to provide this comprehensive permanent cosmetics education to Arkansas students, but the work is far from done. The vision of this program is to extend this comprehensive education nationwide with an online-based program called PMUniversity that will provide videos, tutorials, live streams, and other helpful online content for aspiring permanent cosmetics artists. The change that is occurring as a result of this program is growing by the day, as people realize the injustices that are so wrongfully inflicted on innocent, hopeful students. More students are turning to Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute or PMUniversity, with the hopes of receiving the education that they may have not received at another institution in Arkansas, or throughout the United States. If you are thinking about becoming a licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artist in the state of Arkansas, we urge you to come to take a tour of Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute and discuss your goals with our staff. For those located outside the state of Arkansas, give us a call and we can discuss getting you enrolled in one of our online-based courses through PMUniversity. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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