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Why Permanent Cosmetics Career? – Financial Earnings

The financial benefits of becoming a makeup artist are also a huge perk! Below is a chart that displays the amount of money you can make per year depending on the number of procedures you do, weekly. As you can see, it’s time to drop your desk job and indulge in the excitement of permanent makeup! Graduates go on to have very successful careers. A permanent makeup artist can decide whichever path to take whether it be working for a medical practice, medi-spa, salon (where legal), tattoo shop, or becoming a free-standing entity. By making this your career you can decide whatever path you would like to take and ultimately reap the financial benefits!

Fee/Procedure1 Procedure2 Procedures4 Procedures6 Procedures10 Procedures
 $550 $28,600 $57,200 $114,400 $171,600 $286,000
 $650 $33,800 $67,600 $135,200 $202,800 $338,000
 $800 $41,600 $83,200 $166,400 $249,600 $416,000
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