Your Permanent Makeup Training Includes:

Permanent Cosmetics Training Center at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

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The demand for permanent cosmetics services is at the highest it’s ever been right now. As a result of the booming need for permanent cosmetics the need for licensed permanent cosmetics professionals is at its highest as well.

Permanent Cosmetics School Classroom at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Classrooms w/ Skilled Instructors

We are commited to connecting with you to acheive your desired career and passion. We care about your direction. “It’s a human thing.”

Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics School Lab at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Permanent Makeup Training Areas

We offer a high-value, hands-on curriculum with no prerequisite required at all. The curriculum highlights the importance of safety and sanitation when performing permanent cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup Certification

Apprentice Curriculum
Permanent Eyebrow Training at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute

Permanent Eyebrows

Create beautiful permanent eyebrows.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is very popular.

Permanent Lip Liner

Add stunning permanent lip liner.

Permanent Colored Lips

Advanced permanent full color lips.

Permanent Makeup Testimonials

This new career path gave me options for better pay and more job satisfaction than I’ve had in years! I’m surprised at how easy it was to make the transition from a labor job to an office.

Tulia Cotter / Former Armed Services

I liked the smile it gave me when I was a recipient. So, now I love the instant smiles I give others when they look in the mirror for the first time after I gave them the look they always dreamed of.

Mitchell Fettis / Current Teacher

I had a desire to create realistic-looking nipples for women who have had mastectomies. I focus on this because it’s a way I can give back and it’s a really nice clientele. I am so proud of what I do!

Olivia Hepiston / Former Cosmetologist