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Learn skills for your new career at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute, a school that truly cares.

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Permanent cosmetics is a growing industry!  In fact, many are making the decision to enroll in our permanent cosmetics training programs so that they can offer these services.

Even those with no prior experience in the beauty industry can enroll in our Permanent Cosmetics Program and work towards a career change! Those of you who are already in the beauty or cosmetics industry and want to increase the list of services you can offer, Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute provides the training that you need to succeed!

Classrooms With

Skilled Instructors

Education Like No Other

We know your life cannot stop in order for you to change your career or add on to your existing career. Our flexible program allows the full time employee, parent, etc. to make a change!

Opportunities to Learn Additional Programs

People often fall in love with this field, and we have created the perfect Trifecta for those who want to learn additional modalities. We offer Body Piercing and Tattooing at a discount to our PMU graduates.

Unique and Life Changing

We implement multiple learning methods to appeal to all different types of learners. Not everyone wants to or is well suited for traditional college. Our program is perfect for those who don’t love the lecture type setting.

Student Testimonials

I recently graduated from APCI and am so happy I chose this school for my permanent cosmetics education 💗 They truly care about each student and their success. The entire team is constantly going out of their way to help ensure that we understand all of the ins and outs of PMU. I now feel confident going out on my own because of the knowledge I’ve acquired here. There was a great mix of online and in person training, which made it flexible for people like me who do not live nearby. If you are looking for places to go for permanent cosmetics school/training, stop here, and go ahead and sign yourself up 😊

Meagan / Graduated July of 2021

Literally the scariest/best thing I’ve ever done for myself and I can’t wait to start! The commute was 3 hours one way and I couldn’t afford a hotel room so I slept in the backseat of my car in the Walmart parking lot. When some faculty members found out they opened the doors to me in their home… I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone this and I am in hopes that it will light a fire under someone’s ass to better themselves! All successful people have failed, the only difference is they kept going after all of their fails… never give up on yourself, you’re worth it and you’ll never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try, but more importantly FINISH that one thing you set out to do! Huge thank you to Darren Taylor, Christine Taylor, Cindy Nelson, Cotie Ann Evridge, and all of your supportive staff for helping us learn how to set us a business ourselves and for giving us the skills to do it!

Evelyn Vetter / Graduated July of 2021

Best decision I’ve made in a long time!

Amber Goodwyn / Graduated March of 2022

Your Permanent Makeup Training Includes

  • Skilled Staff and Instructors
  • Modern Facility with Tech Room
  • Materials and Books

Student Curriculum

Permanent Makeup Certification

The following are some examples of what is included in our Permanent Cosmetics Program.

Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics

Needle Selection, Color Theory, Pigment Selection, Needle Depth and Pressure, etc.

Learn More

Permanent Powder or Ombre Brows

Learn the art of brow mapping and how to create a natural looking brow customized to fit each client’s face.

Learn More

Permanent Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement

Learn how to enhance client’s eyes using correct pressure and techniques.

Learn More

Permanent Lip Blushing or Liner

Learn how to even out the client’s natural lips and create a more defined lip using pigments that compliment their skin tone.

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