Permanent Makeup Training in Arkansas

The rise of permanent cosmetics in American culture has taken social media by storm. The beauty industry is booming right now and expanding rapidly. The demand for permanent cosmetics services is at the highest it’s ever been. As a result of the booming need for permanent cosmetics the need for licensed permanent cosmetics professionals is at its highest as well.

Looking for a new permanent cosmetics career?

Are you looking for a new career? Are you already in the beauty industry and looking to build your resume by learning a new trade and in turn maximizing your earning potential? Are you a licensed esthetician or in the skincare industry and want to be able to earn more money by learning new skills and offering new services?

Trained and licensed permanent makeup artists can earn an average of $500 per procedure and graduates from permanent cosmetics schools are in high demand. If you are considering becoming a licensed Permanent Cosmetics artist in Arkansas, there is no better time to embark on this exciting and rewarding career.

Attending permanent makeup training in Arkansas could give you the ability to partner with physicians, plastic surgeons, medical spas and salons to provide permanent cosmetics to your clients. The gratification you get from enjoying personal and professional freedom in a rewarding industry cannot be matched. As well as, the gratification you get from your clients enjoying their permanent cosmetics, and coming back every time for their touchups, even referring new clients, is unbelievable. At Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute you will have the opportunity to learn many different techniques that have the potential to change the lives of burn victims, breast cancer patients, people who suffer will alopecia, and more. The need for permanent cosmetics is great at the time being. There is no greater time to begin a new career doing something you will love.

Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute (APCI), founded by Darren Taylor, is an advanced school that offers the most current techniques in permanent cosmetics, microblading and advanced courses. As the beauty industry is evolving, Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute prides itself on keeping current information to give students while offering the newest and finest techniques in the permanent cosmetic industry taught by a teacher with 10+ years of experience.

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Permanent Cosmetics Training in Arkansas

At Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute, we offer a high-value, hands-on curriculum with no prerequisite required. The curriculum highlights the importance of safety and sanitation when performing permanent cosmetics, anatomy of the skin and eye, client treatment, and of course the process of performing permanent cosmetics procedures such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and more. We offer Arkansas’ first and only DolbyDigital, state-of-the-art conference training facility. High definition Dolby audio and video allows our students access to nationwide information and education while on and off campus training via our on-campus technology portal. Basic education and instruction can now be accessed via our live feed or pre-recorded conferencing systems. Our Permanent Cosmetics Students will interact with our instructors and educators with greater clarity and accessibility than any other statewide program. All this is to make sure that the student’s days on campus are best invested in actual hands on training, teaching, coaching, and mentoring. Our goal is to offer students a comprehensive education with all the information a permanent cosmetics artist would need to work on their own. Every member of the APCI Team has chosen permanent cosmetics as their career field and are dedicated to educating new students in the art of permanent cosmetics. We want to ensure that every student has the confidence to leave our facility a licensed and fully informed permanent cosmetics artist. Our students will have no problem performing a procedure when they leave our facility. They will have been taught the ins and outs of the industry by our teacher and even out of state teachers who will be able to teach through the DolbyDigital system. There is no doubt that our students will provide the best work in the state because they have been provided the best education in the state.