This program meets license requirements in the state of Arkansas.

Please contact us for Financial Aid possibilities and in-house financing options. We are happy to answer questions regarding the program. To contact our Cabot location, call 501-500-0272 or email at To contact our Bentonville location, call 479-395-1115 or email at can also message us on Facebook. Tuition cost is $8,500 plus there is a $100 application fee.


We are an approved Body Art Training Facility.

2023 Start Dates: Cabot, AR & Bentonville, AR

  • January: 14th or 23rd                               
  • February: 4th or 13th                       
  • March: 4th or 13th
  • April: 8th or 17th
  • May: 6th or 15th
  • June: 10th or 26th
  • July: 15th or 24th
  • August: 12th or 21st
  • September: 16th or 25th
  • October: 7th or 23rd
  • November: 4th or 13th
  • December: 2nd or 11th


  • High School Diploma, GED, Homeschool Certificate or Statement of Education
  • $100 Application Fee
  • Valid Government ID
Pay Application Fee Financing Application Enrollment Applications-cabot and bentonville School Catalog Orientation seat security

*NOTE: Application Fee MUST be paid in order for Financing Application to be ran.


Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

The bloodborne pathogens course shall be a minimum of two (2) hours of instruction. Online cost is $9.95. You can choose your own training provider or get certified by the provider listed below.

Once completed, please email the certificate to or screenshot and text it to 501-500-1343 (this is a text-only line and cannot receive phone calls).

Get Certified


Government ID or Driver’s License / HS Diploma, GED, Homeschool Certificate or Statement of Education

To obtain your training permit from the Arkansas Department of Health, we need a clear picture of the front of your Government-Issued ID or Driver’s License and a copy of your High School Dipolma, GED, Homeschool Certificate or Statement of Education. Please submit this when you fill out your Enrollment Application. If you weren’t able to do that, email it to us at


Attend Orientation

We have 2 orientations per month. When starting school it is mandatory to attend a day of orientation. The dates are listed under Step 1! It starts the program off so you understand how the school operates and also introduces you to the fundamentals of the program! We also do the following:

  • Give you your textbooks
  • Give you access to the online classroom
  • Give you your student kit
  • Show how to clock in/out for receiving hours
  • Set up financing/receive down payment (if applicable)
  • Information on Needle Selection
  • Intro to Methodology for Permanent Cosmetics
  • Brow Mapping on a Model by the Afternoon
  • Machine Practice on Fake Skins in the Afternoon

*Note: A 10% tuition down payment is mandatory on or before the day of orientation.To reserve your seat for orientation, a non-refundable seat security deposit of $300 is required, which will be deducted from the 10% down payment amount. The remaining balance can be paid on the day of orientation.


Post-Enrollment, Post-Training

At the end of the training period, the Artist In-Training will register for the practical and written exam in their field(s) of study. The written exam is timed and will be issued online. The practical test-out is done on a scheduled day at the school. Your Body Art License will be issued via email after successfully completing both the written and practical exam. The non-refundable exam fee is $50.00 and there is also a non-refundable $100 initial license fee required to be paid at the time the application is submitted.

Body Art Written Exam

The applicant shall successfully complete a Body Art written exam based on the Arkansas Department of Health Laws and Rules Pertaining to Permanent Cosmetics, along with other topics pertaining to the field at the end of the education. The Exam link shall be emailed to the Artist In-Training.

Practical Exam

The applicant shall complete a practical exam that will be proctored by a Health Department Examiner at the School.


We’re here for you! Whether you want to enroll at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute or you are just curious about permanent cosmetics, please drop us a line!