Powder or Ombré Brow Training in Arkansas

*This training is included in the Permanent Cosmetics Program and is not taught as a standalone class.*

Working, Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artists who are trained thoroughly and correctly in the state of Arkansas are rare. Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute students are guaranteed a quality, comprehensive education offering students training in all areas of permanent cosmetics. Throughout your education at APCI, you will learn how to perform permanent brow procedures using proper, safe techniques to ensure your clients expectations are met. A powder brow gives the client a filled in makeup look. Ombré brows create the same effect as a powder brow, but fade as it gets closer to the bulb of the brow. 

Some of the important techniques that we teach regarding permanent brow procedures include, but are not limited to the following:

  • How to create a custom brow shape for each client
  • Different Mapping Techniques
  • Proper stretching 
  • Different needles uses
  • Appropriate needle depth
  • Color theory and pigment selection
  • Learn proper sanitary guidelines
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Looking for a new career in permanent cosmetics?

Our program consists of 400 hours; half online, half in-person. We knew from the beginning, having already gone through permanent cosmetics school, which parts of school needed to be improved, or altered. The in-class time was one of the things we knew needed work. We understand that most students cannot realistically spend 40 hours a week on campus and also be able to sustain their family lives or work lives.

We are here for you!

The first time picking up a machine to do an actual procedure on a live model is the scariest part. Our instructors are here for you and will not let you tattoo something that will not turn out flattering on the client. Before we get there, you will have already learned a lot of what you need to know! We truly believe in individual growth and want to see your flourish! For more information about our program and curriculum call 501-500-0272.

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