Permanent Lips Training

If you’re like me, you hate applying lipstick. Even the feeling of lipstick on your lips bothers you like crazy, and the thought of it smudging or having to reapply it several times throughout the day is exhausting. Most days you apply a thin layer of lip balm and head out the front door, only to see yourself in the mirror later and realize that your lips are almost the same color as your foundation. Irritating right? People like us have figured out that resorting to only wearing lipstick during events is not the answer, but permanent cosmetics and permanent lip color can solve the problem on a daily basis. Permanent cosmetics can boost your confidence and give you a whole new look just by adding color to your lips. Your lips are a focal point in your face, drawing attention solely because you use them to speak. In linguistics, the lips are two of several places of articulation, or spots in the mouth and throat that aid in the blockage of air moving out from the lungs in order to make words. Permanent lip color enhances your natural beauty, bringing out the blush of your cheeks and skin. When getting permanent lip color done, you can even overline your lips if they are very thin, in a very natural way.

Are you hoping to become a Permanent Cosmetics Artist?

Working, Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artists who are trained thoroughly and correctly in the state of Arkansas are rare. Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute students are guaranteed a quality, comprehensive education offering students training in all areas of permanent cosmetics as well as paramedical procedures.

Our program consists of 15 weeks of theory training which can be completed online or on-campus if it is convenient for you. We knew from the beginning, having already gone through permanent cosmetics school, which parts of school needed to be improved, or altered. The in-class time was one of the things we knew needed work. We understand that most students cannot realistically spend 40 hours a week on campus and also be able to sustain their family lives or work lives.

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We are commited to connecting with you to acheive your desired career. We care about your direction. “It’s a human thing.”

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Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute offers the first and only distance learning, Dolby Digital Teleconferencing system in the state of Arkansas. We are able to conference in teachers from anywhere, and students are able to watch class from the comfort of their homes at any time. Our classes are recorded so students who work during class time can simply access the recording in order to attend class. After your first 15 weeks of training, you do have to attend class in order to receive the hands-on and live models training that is required in order to obtain your permanent cosmetics license on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We want our students to be confident and already obtain the information they need before they even pick up a machine to start a procedure for the first time. To meet this goal, our students are offered visual training obtained by watching procedures done on-campus by one of our Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Micropigmentologists who do procedures every day. We believe that the only way we can educate well rounded, fully taught permanent cosmetics artists is to offer every avenue of training; theory, visuals by simply observing procedures, hands-on training with a machine and flat skins, then we move our students to contoured fake skins in order to get students accustomed to the drawing process of brows and lips on the face, and finally, hands-on with live models.

Learning to tattoo any procedure is scary. We have all been there. The first time picking up a machine to do an actual procedure on a live model is the scariest part. Our instructors are here for you and will not let you tattoo something that will not turn out flattering on the client. Training for lip liner, and full lip color consists of learning the stretch involved. As with any permanent cosmetics procedure, the two most important parts of tattooing the lips are the depth at which you implant the pigment and the stretch you apply to the skin. You will practice these things on flat skins as well as contoured skins in order to achieve the correct technique before you move on to a live model. Once you learn the procedure and have performed it a couple times, I promise that you will find tattooing lips to be a very rewarding procedure for both you and the client.

For more information about our program and curriculum call 501-500-0272.