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Are you someone who can’t leave the house without eyeliner? Do you have trouble getting your eyeliner straight and even? Are your allergies to cosmetic products causing you to have to re-apply your eyeliner several times a day? Does applying your eyeliner take you 20 minutes or longer in the morning?

Chances are you’ve already heard of microblading, or powder brows, but have you ever heard of permanent eyeliner? People with the same problems listed above have discovered that permanent eyeliner is a great, pain-free, natural looking option for these problems.

Some women don’t use eyeliner, but for me it’s a must. Using eyeliner gives me the opportunity to change my eye shape and fill in my sparse lashes. I, personally, opted for permanent eyeliner, and I find that it does accentuate my eyes and make my lashes look thicker even when I’m not wearing makeup. I wake up with eyeliner on, and if I decide to apply makeup, I have a guide to follow if I decide to apply additional eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner has given me confidence and a much easier application of additional liner which isn’t something that I anticipated but is honestly one of my favorite parts about having permanent eyeliner. I have received a lot of compliments, especially when I decide not to wear makeup for the day. As a permanent cosmetics artist myself, I can appreciate permanent eyeliner even more having it myself and I very strongly recommend permanent cosmetics to anyone debating getting it.

Eyeliner is used to accentuate the lash line and emphasize the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid. People with small eyes benefit very much from using eyeliner to give their eyes a bigger look. At Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute we specialize in a natural looking eyeliner, along the lash line and through the lashes to give the appearance of thicker longer more luscious lashes.

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Are you hoping to become a Permanent Cosmetics Artist?

Training to become a Permanent Cosmetics Artist at Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute could be the first and best decision you make for your permanent cosmetics career. At APCI we offer permanent cosmetics services as well as permanent cosmetics training with the goal to educate confident artists in all areas of permanent cosmetics as well as paramedical services. Our Micropigmentologists who provide services out of our private suite offer help to students as well, by teaching theory and allowing students to observe various procedures. This allows students a chance to get a visual of what they will be doing after they finish the theory phase of their education. Training at APCI consists of 15 weeks of Theory which can now be completed online, or on-campus if you choose. Arkansas Permanent Cosmetics Institute is the first and only permanent cosmetics school in Arkansas to offer an online option in which students can still be involved in class. Our state-of-the-art Dolby Digital Teleconferencing system allows us to enroll busy, working students with large families who otherwise would not be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a licensed permanent cosmetics artist. Other schools in Arkansas require students to be on-campus Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. This keeps students from being able to work and provide for their family. We know that this is important to you. Our goal is to enroll the busiest of students, who are desperate to work towards a new career or additional licensing. After your first 15 weeks of training, you begin doing hands-on training and live models on Tuesdays and Thursdays to give you the experience you need with a machine in hand and a teacher nearby, ready to assist at any time. We are confident that we will allow students enough help to know exactly what they are doing before they even pick up their machine to break a client’s skin for the first time.

Training for an eyeliner procedure can seem scary at first. Most students say that eyeliner is something they are very afraid to try, but I ensure you it is easier than you think. Eyeliner is all about the stretch you apply to the skin, and the depth at which you implant the pigment. The first thing you learn about the eyeliner procedure is where to apply the pigment, and how to apply the pigment. Unlike brows, you do not start with an outline laid out for you (in most cases). You, instead, use the needle to place dots along the lash line, and then begin filling in between the dots. After you learn eyeliner, I promise you will say it is the easiest and fastest procedure out of the three.

For more information about our program and curriculum call 501-500-0272.