Finding a Permanent Makeup Artist

As permanent cosmetics is on the rise, more and more people are looking to find a permanent cosmetics artist in their area to perform their services. With little knowledge regarding permanent cosmetics as a whole and how to find a technician, oftentimes clients are left choosing their artist from a simple search on the internet. Although very helpful, sometimes a simple search is not enough to find a truly qualified and experienced technician. It is important that clients consider several factors when searching for an artist who can best meet their needs, and do thorough research regarding the artist’s work and experience as well as all of the possibilities that are available to them. In order to make your search easier, we have provided a list of factors for you to consider when searching for your artist and tips for finding the artist that is right for you.

1. Reviewing Your Goals for Permanent Cosmetics

When choosing a permanent cosmetics artist it is important that you consider what outcome you are looking for and what goals you might have for your permanent cosmetics procedures. To browse a selection of different permanent cosmetics services be sure to review our other articles regarding types of procedures. Reviewing different types of procedures can help you to fully understand the options that are available to you, then it becomes a matter of finding an artist that can best meet your needs and goals for your permanent cosmetics. As an artist, I know that many times it is difficult for a client to truly know exactly what they are looking for in a healed result from their permanent cosmetics procedure. But once you have chosen a permanent cosmetics artist, you will be able to ask any questions you may have about your procedure or final results during your consultation. Your artist will also ask you questions to ensure that they understand what your goals are which will tell them what process will need to be taken to meet those goals. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different, therefore, each client’s goals are different. This is why all permanent cosmetics artists must make an active effort to understand each client fully, and document their findings through thorough client registration and consultation. But why is it important for you to have an idea of what your goals are for your permanent cosmetics procedures before your consultation with your artist? When searching for an artist you will spend time looking at before, after, and healed images of their work. In your research, coming across a portfolio that contains images that embody your goals for permanent cosmetics can put you on the right track towards finding the artist that is right for you.

2. Find a Permanent Cosmetics Artist Near Me

Many times after deciding to receive a permanent cosmetics procedure, clients will search “Find a Permanent Cosmetics Artist Near Me” hoping to get the results they are looking for. When you search this, you will be given a list of results of businesses that offer permanent cosmetics as well as individual artists that are closest to you. When searching for an artist many times clients have distance from their area as a determining factor in making the final decision on an artist, but choosing the closest artist may not always produce the best results. More thorough research is required to ensure that the closest artist will be the best artist to meet your goals for permanent cosmetics. So what should you look for when researching permanent cosmetics artists in your area? Doing that initial google search is your first step in the right direction, then once you have your list of results, you can start a process of elimination by looking into each business or artist more thoroughly. The most common resources used to conduct additional research are business websites and social media platforms. It is common practice in permanent cosmetics to post your professional portfolio somewhere online, many artists often opting to utilize social media such as Instagram or Facebook to display their work to the public. Business websites often contain more detailed information regarding the specific permanent cosmetics services that are offered as well as portfolios and contact information for the artist. The best way to be fully informed on the artist is to utilize any information that you can find and while you are researching continually think back to what your goals are for your procedure. When viewing an artist’s social media pages be sure to look at comments on pictures, and reviews that have been made from previous clients who have received services from the artist. These reviews and comments can guide you as well in your research, some previous clients providing pictures of their procedures months after they received it. Remember that business websites are completely curated by the artist or the business in question, and many times for this reason you will not find any negative reviews directly on a business website. Business websites can be utilized to understand the procedures available, view portfolios, find contact information, and make appointments which will ultimately help you in your permanent cosmetics process, but honest reviews are best found on social media. Research all artists in your area using these resources and if applicable make a list of things you like about each artist. Once you have narrowed down your options, it is helpful to save certain images of work you like to your phone to show to your artist as an example of the result you would like.

As with many other clients, another important determining factor in your process of searching for an artist will be the price for services you are interested in receiving. This is completely normal and expected, but ensure not to be pulled in by a very discounted service solely based on the price. Always refer to your previous research done reviewing the different artists’ experience and education, reviews, and portfolios before making your final decision. It is much better to pay more for the service and have beautiful results, having done thorough research, than to take a chance on a cheaper service without doing the proper research into the artist. Many who have done this, unfortunately, end up with undesirable results and must spend time finding a new artist to remove the initial work. Take your time researching and comparing each aspect of each artist’s business, making detailed notes regarding what you like about their services, and make note of the price. This will help you to narrow down your choices much more quickly. Organized research about the permanent makeup artists in your area may seem extensive, but those who choose to research thoroughly are very satisfied with their immediate and long-term results. After all, your relationship with the artist will not be a short-term one, it extends into the future when you will need touch-ups to maintain the longevity of your permanent cosmetics.

3. Preparing for your Permanent Cosmetics Appointment

At this point you have chosen an artist that you think will be suitable for your needs and goals for your permanent cosmetics and you are ready to make your appointment. Your artist will greatly appreciate your extensive research and consideration for their work as well as already understanding your goals and providing images of their work as an example of your vision. This makes your appointment much easier for your artist knowing you have done the research and are very concerned for the outcome of your procedure. When making your appointment, mention any medical conditions you may have that might concern you as to whether you may be exempt from a permanent cosmetics procedure. It is very rare that a client will be turned away completely because of a medical condition, but in some circumstances, your artist may want you to receive written permission from your primary care physician before proceeding with your appointment. This is to protect the artist, but also to ensure that the procedure is safe to perform on you. Upon arrival to your appointment, your artist will have you complete client registration forms and then will spend some time with you to answer any questions you might have, and review your goals for your procedure. Be sure to remind your artist what look you are hoping to achieve by showing them pictures of work they have done you enjoy, or other artist’s work you like. This will help your artist greatly to produce an outcome as close to your goals as possible. Remember, though, that many times you will need a touch-up to fill any patches that occur during your healing process, and after this initial touch-up you will need yearly touch-ups to maintain the look you love.

Searching for an artist seems hopeless, especially in areas where permanent cosmetics is not well known, but with the use of social media and the internet, the search can be made much easier. The best advice we can provide for finding a permanent cosmetics artist that you feel comfortable with is to utilize all platforms available while doing your thorough research and take your time making your decision. In order to feel completely comfortable with your artist, you do have the option to schedule different consultations with your options for artists and ask any questions you may have to get a feel of each artist. These types of consultations can give you an idea of the artist, their style, and whether or not you will be comfortable with them performing your procedure. Above all, ensure that the decision you make is the decision that will best meet your expectations of permanent cosmetics and give you those beautiful results you are looking for.

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